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You Have Arrived !!!

Your ultimate Cleveland DJ wedding and all types of party entertainment place. Best source for DJ entertainment from birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events to Weddings and beyond.

Party ?  Music ?  Want to add some fun to your event and the dancing crowd ? Scotty B specializes in just that. Huge inventory of music for all your party needs.

Scotty B surrounds the entire Cleveland area and beyond for professional DJ Entertainment in most events.  You will benefit from individual attention for your particular event.

Involving your friends to interact on the dance floor and excitedly participate blending with just the right tunes Ignites the night ! This is my specialty.

Planning Your Party All By Yourself ?

It can be overwhelming so why not call in a professional? Someone who can ease those party tasks and get someone fun ! A DJ with the skills to make that party go just right.  Let’s go to work so we can go dance and play !

Scotty at Gig
 DJ Scotty B at Gig
Entertaining everyone around the Cleveland DJ area is fun and rewarding.   Watching  smiles form all over the dance floor is a rush you’ll never forget.  My fellow Cleveland Disc Jockeys play excellent tunes  that we share and collaborate on.

To entertain you is our goal

Whether it be a Cleveland wedding professional event or a kids party.  We accomplish excellence in giving you the very best DJ service offered. Why not go with a pro where prices are low?

Our Intentions Are Simple

From a high quality DJ to the best value for your money around the Cleveland DJ service area. We as DJ’s are so into the music for you,  that,  at each event we almost become one with the crowd somehow.  It is un-explainable the blending we do is by watching, waiting and testing a song or two.   In this way we can sense the reaction and movement of the crowd to particular tunes. It is an in-exact science that cannot be explained but just simply sensed.  When I am powered by a request from the audience, it can have a tremendous lift and boost triggering my existing knowledge. 

Give It Your Best Shot

If you select a middle of the road DJ..  Will they all dance ? Or are you glaring at a vacant dance floor ? No worries. We take pride in helping you.  It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 for the best party in town. Flip through the pages of our website and give us a call at 440-333-5333.  We will reveal all the secrets of our services.  Our specialty is planning an Ultimate and Unforgettable time for you. A fun time ? Absolutely !

All Types of Events

Whether it be an anniversary, birthday, or a wedding; my DJ services near Cleveland, Ohio try to give you an experience of memories remembered for a long time. To embrace that funtastic and memorable party just click this green Contact Me  or the tab at the top.  For an unforgettable and fun time near the Cleveland area, contact me anytime!

As always we thank All-of-You. Grateful is the word to have super clients bring happy memories.

  “>A Song from the DJ to You  click here


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