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Tremendous amounts of experience has occurred in the past 15 years I’ve been performing. From backyard parties and Dj ing Weddings near Cleveland
to Corporate affairs. A spectacular Laser Light show. Age appropriate music for certain age groups.
Announcements done professionally with excitement and motivation. Requests honored. I excel at Weddings and kids parties. Can tailor your entertainment package specifically to your style and special time.

Got my start at a singles groups a while back.  Used to carry towers of CD’s to the gig.   I am a list person so top dance hits is what I specialize in.  Classic rock is best for the “timeless” great old school ones.  Although,  there is room for the rougher sounding hip-hop sprinkled in ‘depending on the crowd’.  On the other side, some semi-older crowds could listen to Frank Sinatra, or Perry Como or Dean Martin.  I am that certain Dj who is bold yet smooth.  I am the party that rocks the party.

 What would You Like ?

I’ll ask what is important as far as entertainment.  What kind of music do you like?
I take requests. How much time do I need to set up before the reception?  Grand entrance as I announce you or conservatively at your seats?  Your first dance song?  Special event songs?  We will check off songs from a researched list I do every year for more than 15 years of Top Dance tunes.

I have 3 packages to choose: From Silver, Gold, to Platinum. Each one depends on what type of entertainment I can design for you. Nearly 100% of event planners would have spent more money on their entertainment and made it their #1 priority looking back.

The cake and fountains do not make the reception. The Dj does. Most overlooked but most important.  He is usually the last to be called but is the engine that runs the show.

Some Overlooked Points  

The beats per minute in a song blended with a similar count to the next song should segway or blend nicely into the next tune.

Requests are honored to fit the mood and your taste. Sometimes a request comes in that will clear the floor.  As your DJ, I need to filter those few for the benefit of all. The exception is either the bride and groom or guest of honor.  For them, I make great exceptions but to a point.    I will quickly “switch-it-up” for the crowd as a whole when needed.  I lean on my experience as a DJ for this decision.

Master of Ceremonies or an MC !  ♫

Master of Ceremonies commonly referred to as an MC is a skill we as Dj’s possess in degrees of personality and experience.   Mostly we have a touch of it depending on the DJ service near Cleveland and his abilities.   But, the surgical  music selections to please each crowd is the one we excel in most.  In order to focus on this, the MC sometimes becomes secondary.  Music selective talents is  a must to have over the MC in that dancing can commence which is our goal to keep that dance floor flowing and exciting.  Oh, don’t get me wrong !  A great MC does motivate the crowd and add personal ambiance.   The DJ does care in creating an atmosphere that he/she is contributing a voice to the music.  Done well, and with restraint and taste, the short vocal speeches can give you the feeling of a real live DJ adding to the effect of  it all.    I say short for we all know a long winded DJ does not a party make !  

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