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I love Dj ing all types of parties from Dj Weddings near Cleveland toScottAtGIG

kids parties. Over the

years a rewarding feeling from a request honored to the delight in the eyes is all worth it. I’ve had grooms mothers literally crying tears of  joy seeing how their son is enjoying the music and the party.

I have a laser light show surpassing most DJ’s and is always a hit. I am a DJ near Cleveland, Ohio with other Dj friends.  From bars or the neighborhood backyard to extravant Weddings,  I’ve done it all.

This business is so rewarding when guests at the end of the night are complimenting me to what a great job I did for them. Most Cleveland Dj’s love the acceptance of knowing you made a difference. Enhancing their mood if only for just that evening is a special satisfaction we as Northeast Ohio Dj’s cherish.

I especially love the younger and older childrens eyes of delight when they see the light show and groove to their tunes as well. This alone is worth the night.  It’s a special feeling you get when kids are happy !  A Cleveland Wedding Dj service or say a birthday for kids can bring these moments on.

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  • 25th Anniversary Masquerade Ball, vow renewal and reception on, June 21, 2014, ceremony at 4 with reception to follow at 5:30…. dinner at 6…….. this will be held at 17351 State Route 58 Wellington, Ohio in the backyard with tents and dance floor.
    The times are tentative at this point, but we would like some updated pop and country and some good dance music. of course the traditional chicken dance and hoky poky, also need the harlem shake at one point. I have a list of songs too. can you send me a quote for 4 hours. thank you Sandi, anniversary bride:)

  • Thanks Archie, was a pleasure and thank you for the great words !

  • Thanks for the comments ! Scotty B ♫

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