Packing the Dance Floor

Bride Requesting !

Bride Requesting !

      In my 15 years of doing backyard parties to Weddings in DJ Cleveland Ohio I must say it takes emotion and logic combined. Emotionally a DJ must read the particular crowd by an unexplainable “sense” or feel.  Just knowing what this crowd likes is key by watching the type of people. From a very serious business-like crowd, a country crowd, a geeky crowd or flat out Rock n Roll crowd.

Now, logically,  requests hitting the DJ is also one way to start.  Requests feed the DJ in Two ways.  # 1. Uncovering a song not thought of by the DJ that really Kicks and Rocks.  #2.  Requests are most likely a reflection of this crowds taste tonight.

Secondly, the main hosts of the party selecting from a list before hand.
On the technical side are songs with a similar “Beat per minute” blending into the next one. In this way, the energy from men and women’s bodies flows smoothly to the drum without missing a beat.

Going with the selections of say a bride and groom before-hand has worked well for me. But! A DJ cannot hold too tightly to this all the time. For, the crowd sometimes ‘tricks’ a DJ and just is not having these selections that the hosts or bride and groom selected. So, thinking quick on his/her feet alters the plan to accommodate the masses along with the bride and groom. The benefit of the crowd exceeds the benefit of the few sometimes.  It’s a fine art and every group of people is very different from the next.

       One Saturday night at this bar the crowd was slightly older. I played Vogue by Madonna.  The dance floor could fit no more.  Vogue was a hit ! 

Well, one week later the crowd arriving seemed a little younger but I played vogue anyway.  This was timed very well and I thought they were ready for it.  To my surprise, one lone guy got up on the dance floor and mocked the song out.  Bouncer pulled him off the stage.

So, you see !  Eyeing the crowd very carefully from one party to the next is crucial.  Differences in taste vary extremely from one crowd to the next.     There are dozens of tunes, though, you can play to almost any crowd that work almost every time.  An excellent DJ knows just the right mix to include and when.   This is important with age group and just the style of the particular crowd.

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