Dirty Little Secrets of DJ’s

Dirty little Secrets of DJ’s

       Before I go into the secrets, lets just touch on real life application experience I can share.  O.K. how about reading the crowd from a DJ service Cleveland style.

       Age is a big one but is easier than individual crowd taste.  Easier due to a no-brainer comparing a room full of 15 yr. old kids opposed to 50 yr. olds.  I think the DJ can make a good guess with that.

       But, throw into the mix a Techno crowd, a Country crowd, a Hip-hop crowd an 80’s or 50’s crowd.  How about a blend of several in the crowd or a crowd leaning on just 2 Genres !

How does he know especially at a DJ wedding in Cleveland ?

       Sensing is a great art but just one or two questions from a member or two in the form of requests can reveal much !  Simply asking is the biggest secret of all.

Free Secrets To Amazing Parties

#1.  THE MOST EXPERIENCED, PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCE.   For over 15 years, I have delighted hundreds of happy couples create unforgettable, successful, and fun Wedding Receptions.  I have many references, and over 95% of my business comes from referrals.


#2.    THE MOST COMPLETE PLANNING SERVICE.        From our initial meeting to the finalization of the timeline.  Every party detail is addressed, so you are free to enjoy every moment of your special day.  I work with you and others such as caterer and hall clientele.  This creates a seamless timeline assuring your event runs smooth and stress-free.  Consider us your entertainment director.


#3.  ORIGINAL AND FUN IDEAS.   We specialize in creating highly personalized and unique wedding receptions that reflect your style.  We listen to your requests sharing a few original ideas making your reception unforgettable.  These special touches are only available with Scotty B’ dj entertainment.


#4.  THE MOST UP TO DATE MUSIC AND MORE.  I have the most up-to-date music on the planet.  I am also in constant contact with your photographer and videographer so they don’t miss a single photo opportunity.


#5.  FULL-TIME OFFICE SUPORT.  Working with a FULL-TIME PROFESSIONAL brings you unlimited support during your planning.  We are available to answer any questions or help with your planning where you need advice.


#6.  THE BEST EQUIPMENT WITH BACKUPS.  Being full time owners we take care and pride in our sound and lighting systems.  We use the highest quality sound, lighting and wireless microphones with backup gear built in.


#7.    YOU ALWAYS WORK WITH THE OWNERS.  Very Important!  Your wedding has 100% attention it deserves.  We are extremely accessible by phone and email.  The benefits are unmatched.  From preparation to performance is first class.

Un-mystifying the DJ 

To unveil the mystery of what Dj’s do we first need to visually see what the DJ sees.  In his/her minds, we are looking at the people both arriving and later on the dance floor.  What and when to play certain songs has a bearing on an appropriately timed evening.

What are the different age groups and how many.  Much older crowds usually thin out earlier so the timing of tunes is crucial.  I usually may adjust the kids/younger adults requests a little later for they’ll hang on later with energy.  But, new school tunes can wait a bit so that the ones that might leave can hear they’re era also.

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