Lighting to Dazzle


A slight haze when introduced to the dance floor can extremely enhance the look and mood with a Cleveland Dj wedding or birthday !  I’m a type of Dj service in Cleveland that creates special lighting effects to dazzle and amaze while dancing to either Fireball by Pitbull or old school Play that Funky Music by Wild Cherry.

Proud to display a very unique lighting show. Allows us to create a fantastic dazzling effect surpassing most Dj’s. Sometimes just the right atmosphere created out of well selected colored lights can enhance any mood.  

From wide angled and pin-pointed laser effects, the excitement can only increase. Background up-lighting gives a subtle notice of soft mood effect on the walls and curtains.

DJ lighting in itself is a real motivator for dancing on the floor. Enhancing the overall mood with laser beams and colored lights simply pushes that envelope one or two steps further. 

Visual and of course quality audio is key to dancing motivation.  The base when turned up just right always seems to get that exciting blast of sound. Tastefully done, this can enhance any party be it a wedding or birthday.

Night time is the right time to Rock Out with  laser lights and a little mist to enhance the beams.  It’s a mood thing at just the right time of the night.

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