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       Is there a social life beyond corporate business ?  Absolutely folks !  Besides the usual Cleveland wedding dj,  Scotty B Dj ventures into the party zone offering businesses the opportunity to have fun.  Be it Holiday functions, fund-raisers, or promotional events as a Cleveland DJ creating motivational fun for employees and customers is the goal.

      Make Cleveland’s corporate event Dj’s give you the opportunity to create exciting moments for your employees, unique entertainment for your customers, and special entertainment for your company.  Services are fashioned in a way to be customized for this type of event.   Some extremely fun times have been had with the company in mind.

A chance to mingle

      This is a chance for fellow workers to get together and look at each other outside the business affairs of life.  To just relax and talk shop or not in a casual setting for once.  It’s a great way to let go and possibly strenghthen the relationships between co-workers.  Talking about that hilareous story that was created that night can be memorable too !

Fashion the soiree to your taste

       Create the party atmosphere you desire from exquisitely elegant and refined, to dynamic and lively or a blend of both.You have the controls over the music and itinerary as much as you like blending with my abilities.

Social hour / Cocktails

       A smooth mix of upbeat cool rock with a jazzy flavor and easy listening.  Sound levels monitored throughout event so talking can commence without shouting.  Guests get a chance to mingle and talk with one another.  For a pre-relaxing time with possibly a cocktail in hand before the toast and events.


       A possible toast or speech may begin the meal time.  Wireless microphones and cord mics are available at this time.  A soft blend of new and old easy listening music.  I like to include mostly vocal singing with just some focus on instrumental.


       As the toast and meal runs down, a smooth progression into the dancing will commence.  Requests are certainly honored with a clip board provided at my table to jot down preferred selections. ♫

    Appropriate ?  Your call

 Appropriate tunes will be the flavor of the night for the particular group of the evening.  I dont’ think swearing in hip-hop songs would blend into a business crowd too well.  There is a time and place with well selected Rhythm(hip-hop) tunes.  Mostly for the younger college set.  

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